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The value of the us

1.Product advantage

Perfect compatibilityQIWireless charging equipment,Low fever,Efficiency is fast

3.Quality assurance

The company has complete、Scientific quality management system,Stick to it“Quality first”The management idea

Wireless charger
2.Easy to use

Products applicable to the hotel、The dining room、The coffee shop、The airport、Family、The company office and other places,Easy to carry

4.High-quality service

To provide customers with first-class products,More customers with high efficiency、Considerate、In a timely manner、Accurate comprehensive services

Our advantage

1Health and safety

Wireless charger using the low-frequency non-ionizing frequency(110-205KHZ),Won't cause harm to human body

2Efficient charge

As the technology improvement,The wireless power conversion has been achieved80%The above,Don't have to be careful that the slow problem of charging

Wireless charger
Wireless charger
3Increases with the increasing charge

Wireless charging to get rid of the bondage of the charging line,Can charge at any time remove the cell phone use at any time

4The most promising market

Mobile wireless charger technology rising,As the domestic wireless chargingICThe technological breakthroughs,Wireless charging detonation point seems to be imminent

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About us
About us

Shenzhen power technology co., LTD

Shenzhen power technology co., LTD is located in shenzhen baoan district,Major cities in the country has several distribution agencies,The main circular wireless charger、Fast wireless charger、QIWireless charger、Wireless charging desk lamp、Wireless charging stand、Samsung wireless charger、7.5WWireless charger、Desktop wireless charger、Apple wireless charger、Bluetooth speakers、iPhoneXWireless charger、Wireless charging scheme、On-board wireless charger、A portable wireless charger, etc,The company has complete、Scientific quality management system、The latest and production equipment、A strong r&d team and sales team。We provide every customer with good quality and most competitive price。The company“The contract,Keep good faith”,“The good faith management,Extensive cooperation”。The product sells in distant markets South Korea、The United States、Germany、France、Europe and the United States、The Middle East and other countries

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